Define Humility.

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So I always start my day by reading a few things – my devotional on my phone, the desk calendar when I get to work, etc. I almost always take something away from what I read. Or, at the very least, I try to. Hopefully. I mean, after all, that would be the purpose. 

So what happens when everything I read in my morning routine follows the same theme? I knock myself slightly in the head and say… “HELLOOOOOO, are you listening?! Im seeing a pattern here!” It could clearly be coincidence, right? Or perhaps Christian writers and publishers work together to make sure the universe comes into alignment with the same theme across the board – no matter what you read or what day you started reading it. Seems highly unlikely, in my opinion. Or, here is a thought, maybe its God actually trying to tell us something. Sneaking ideas in our head like a subliminal message when you play a record backwards. Maybe? 

Im not going to lie. I am very new to my faith. I dont claim to know a lot about how God works or why He does the things He does. But Im no dummy. Im learning every day and when I get the same message in more than one place… you better bet Im listening. 

With all of that being said, today’s flashing sign for me says “humility.” First off, lets get proper here… Just so we are 100% sure what we are talking about. According to, humility means, “The quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank, etc.” There ya have it, folks. Humility basically means to be humble. 

I am humble. Really, I am. Ok, well, I think that I am. Wait, Arent I? 

I read that “we need to flee pride…envy and jealousy.” And with that, also “avoid causing strife, and the anger, bad temper, irritability, and self-centeredness that prompt it.” Ouch. Well, ok, I thought I was humble. But I do have moments when I am envious or jealous and it is bred from moments of selfishness and it does lead me to being angry and irritable. And sometimes I am these things and dont even realize that its all because I was jealous, envious or prideful. Phew. These are all thoughts of our sinful human nature, right? 

Sometimes we forget about our blessings. We get tied up in our small daily struggles and forget about the bigger picture. We forget that when our life doesnt look like we want it to or work out the way we want it to, even when compared to someone else, it isnt our life to begin with. Its HIS plan and HIS path for us. Getting frustrated because things didnt turn out the way we wanted them to for ourselves is when we need to remember this. Speeding tickets, family arguments, missed promotions, etc. These are the small speed bumps in life that we need to realize are just part of the plan, despite how HUGE they feel in the moment. Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, you will likely see just how BLESSED you are. Think about it – at least you have a car to drive to get that speeding ticket, at least you actually have a family to argue with, and at least you have a job, even if you didnt get the promotion. Its all about perspective. Give thanks for what you have. 

We are on a different road than those around us. We are each unique. Stay humble, keep your focus on God and remember  – you are blessed and you are continuously growing into the greatest form of YOU. 

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