Are you going to win today?

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If I could tell you there are 3 things that you can do to be a winner today, would you believe me? A winner of what, you say? You win happiness and a sense of fullness. There are really and truly 3 things that can make your day and have you walking around like a winner.

We have all heard the following things many, many times… and we all know what we need to do to make ourselves reach contentment – and happiness. But its a matter of actually working towards it. Its easier to hide your smile, to dwell on the things you don’t have, and complain. But the truth is, it probably takes more energy overall to be negative that to be happy.

So, since this is nothing new to you, I am not going to beg you to read. BUT, do it anyways… because you never know when something may just change your outlook. Or maybe it will just pass time during a boring spot in your day… its up to you!

1. Smile. If you don’t believe me, try it! Its amazing when you put a smile on your face how much it affects those around you and, in turn, affects you. Maybe you are walking by a woman who is feeling hopeless and at rock bottom. Your smile could be all that she needs to see a light in the world. Or maybe the shy guy thinks that no one likes him or his confidence is nowhere to be found. Your smile could make his confidence soar — and you made the difference in his day! Its that simple. All of that just from a smile.

2. Gratitude. Waking up each morning and jotting down even just one thing you are grateful for can set your mental attitude for the day. Be appreciative. And definitely remember the small things. Keeping a small notebook with you allows you to write down grateful thoughts when you have them AND … ready for the added bonus? You can pull it out and read it when you are feeling down.

And last but not least – 

3. Be Prepared. If you are prepared when you start each day, you will be able to act like a ninja to whatever comes your way. And when I say be prepared, I mean, be prepared by having everything ready for the day. Your clothes picked out, your lunch prepared, know where your keys are, etc. THEN… make sure you are prepared mentally with your attitude to start the day. Being ready, prepared and confident in everything that you can be to start your day means that you will have a greater chance of holding on to your confidence throughout the day. 

Remember: YOU are the only one who decides how YOU feel. 

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