You are being watched.

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Something I thought about today — God sees and hears everything. Did you get that? EVERYTHING! Obviously this is something that I already know. Im sure you did, too. But did you ever really think about it? Everything we say, everything we cast our eyes on, even everything we think. Wow. This could sound sirens for many people. In fact, probably for all of us. 

This is what prompted this thought for me today: I spent a huge chunk of my day in the hospital with my mom, while she was going through pre-op for an upcoming surgery. Naturally, tensions run high in hospitals and the fact that we were surrounded by folks who were either having surgery today or who were, like my mom, getting prepared for it, our waiting area was no exception.  

As we sat there – very, ahem, patiently – there was a man who felt as though he should voice his opinion on ISIS and police brutality, as well as the corruptness of our police chief. It momentarily made me feel safe and secure to know that this man was willing to stand up to ISIS if they walked in the door or should there be any sort of racial profiling or shooting by a police officer – until I noticed he had braces on each arm. This man clearly stated, several times, that he would “go out fighting”  in either situation. 

Now, all of this was overheard while he was talking to another group of patiently waiting individuals. And when their family member walked up…. the man instantly hushed. Why? Because he had to focus while he leaned back in his chair, squinted his eyes and checked her out. (Not like that… get your mind out of the gutter here …. remember, God knows what you are thinking! ha!) I do believe he was making sure she wasn’t a member of ISIS and, when he realized she wasn’t, he asked her, almost accusingly, with his eyes squinted, if she worked for the sheriff’s office. As if she was one of “thoooooose people.” Her response? “Um, no, I used to work at Wal-Mart until I got fired.” Phew. I was nervous. I mean, one minute he was going to protect us and the next he was ready to take out a little old lady! But as he started on a rant talking about the managers at Wal-Mart and their sexual advances and high turnover rates, as well as the amount of people he knows personally who have been fired from the same Wal-Mart, I tuned him out. 

But, my mind, see… it was still going. I was shaking my head thinking “wow I feel sorry for the family that he is sharing his waiting time with.” And various other thoughts. Then it hit me. Maybe he is ill, physically or mentally. Maybe he had some sort of trauma he has experienced in the past. It occurred to me that I dont know his story. Maybe his path in life has caused him to be suspicious of strangers… and to lack in trust. Who am I to judge him? 

I sat with this for a little bit, pondering my thoughts. THAT is when I realized…GOD SEES EVERYTHING. I had never really thought that through before. You know, kinda like when your are on a diet and alone and you eat that cookie – if no one saw it, then it didnt really get consumed. Nope, not those calories! God saw my thoughts on this poor man. He saw what I was thinking. And… thankfully he saw me correct my thoughts. This time. 

“The Lord is watching everywhere, keeping his eye on both the evil and the good.” – Proverbs 15:3

The good news is that He is forgiving – so even when you do mess up, as I always seem to do, just remember this. 

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