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For the first time that I can remember (or appreciate, I should say), I am spending a week in the most peaceful place I have ever been to. Its not fancy, no. Its not exotic, either. In fact, I didn’t even have to get a plane to get here. But the views and experiences I have had in just 24hrs have me already planning my next trip. 

We are in Blue Ridge, GA. In case you are unfamiliar, this is located at the southern base of the Appalachian mountains. Very backwoods when driving here, but super friendly folks. Our cabin didn’t even fully match the pictures we saw when booking… but the view… breathtaking. We could have been handed a tent and a sleeping bag upon arrival and I think I would have been completely fine with it, as long as our eyes could remain plastered on the scenery around us. 

My plan for this vacation was not to have any exciting, busy adventures. It was to do the exact opposite. I planned to use this time for reflection and relaxation. I want to read, write and work on growing closer to God. Armed with my bible, books and an open mind, I am doing just that. 

But first, let me tell you about one of the most beautiful things God has shown me since arriving. Stars. So many stars. I knew that living in the city we miss out on the extent of the amount of stars that make up our universe. However, I thought that surely at some point during my existence I had been in a dark enough area to see those missing stars. Last night, though… it had me shouting out! I could not contain my smile nor my awe. AMAZING! The most BEAUTIFUL sight! I had no idea how many stars actually floated above us! 

So there we were – my partner, my stepson and myself – in the darkest of the night, unable to see even our hands in front of our faces. The sound of pure silence was all we could hear. Well, that, and the sounds of pure joy escaping our lips. We were so cold, yet couldn’t stop staring. 

This moment led me to two feelings. 1. Our God is a magnificent painter. The backdrop to my life that I had never fully seen is stunning. But while discovering this, I discovered something else…

2. We are so incredibly much smaller than we tend to think that we are. I guess that is why they say we all come together to create a masterpiece. Not one person can do this on his or her own. We are tiny pieces to a much greater puzzle. Sometimes we may tend to forget this. I know that I sure do. 

I was sitting outside this morning next to the fire I built (yes, I got my first fire going in the outdoor fireplace this morning), sipping my coffee (trying to warm up), and reading my bible. I was reading in Colossians when my partner looked up and asked me a question… Now, this was a type of question that I could answer and be selfish or answer and be selfless. Ironically, I just happened to be on the verse that read “…Don’t be greedy, for a greedy person is an idolater, worshiping the things of this world.” Colossians 3:5. I hadn’t mentioned this to her… but I knew it was not just a coincidence that all of this took place at the same time. And yes, I chose to not be selfish.

This was just a reminder to me that it is not all about one’s wants and desires. That this world is vast and we are each just a teeny, tiny piece of it. Go about your day today – and everyday – loving each other and watch the beautiful patchwork unfold.

P.S…. you cant see the stars, but look at the heart in the middle ❤

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