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So I am sitting in Barnes and Noble… mostly for distraction. I find it easier to write when I am not at home where I tend to think of all of the things that I should be doing rather than what I want to do and, well, the writing never makes it out of my head. Anyways… next to me there is a shelf of calendars and planners. Lots of colors, lots to choose from… but one keeps jumping out at me. The cover holds the phrase, “DO SOMETHING AMAZING today.” It really got me thinking…

Do we really need a calendar to remind us to do something amazing? Don’t we all love doing amazing things? Unless you are ill, a pessimist, or a serious Debbie Downer, I would assume you do. I mean, the feelings we get when we do something amazing should be reason enough, let alone the memories we make. 

The term “amazing” when describing something is subjective and each person determines what he or she constitutes as amazing. But, regardless, when we do something amazing, it is the act of doing something that makes it amazing. Sure, a trail could be amazing, but taking a break from your day to go for a long walk on that trail is what truly makes it amazing. If we never take the trail… then, really, how amazing is it?

So if we enjoy certain things so much, why don’t we push all the boring, monotonous activities into the gutter with the garbage? Why are you going to be so busy with pointless things that you need to spend money on a calendar that will remind you to do something that makes you feel good? We live in a world that is so incredibly distracted, constantly stimulated by things that having quiet time is a rarity. And, even then, many of us are taught to “schedule me time” when planning our days. Really… we have to remind ourselves to take time for ourselves. Crazy, right? 

You are smart so lets just think about this for a minute – put it into perspective – shall we?… we spend our time working, running errands, taking care of kids, cleaning, cooking, checking social media, texting, emailing, commuting… filling up our calendars with what we feel are “needs” and “responsibilities” all the while hoping we have time to schedule in “me” time for a couple of minutes before the end of the day… Its no wonder why we need to be reminded to do something amazing!! 

I’ve never given it this much thought, but this just doesn’t seem right. Since we are talking about amazing things… God is amazing. He created an amazing world. We should be enjoying it — we should be doing amazing work, sharing amazing love, passing on an amazing message of amazing grace, and reminding each other of amazing sacrifice

Taking a break from the life you made for yourself and transporting yourself into the life he gave you… with eyes to see amazing in the ordinary, hands to rebuild the broken, a heart to hold the vulnerable, and a mind to put it all together in the most beneficial way. THAT is amazing. 

Doing “something amazing today” can be something small… you don’t have to try to churn huge miracles every single day. That is not what its all about. You just need to not waste this amazing world that your amazing God created. Overflow your heart… 

“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.” – 2 Corinthians 13:14

Here is your reminder — DO SOMETHING AMAZING TODAY! 

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