A Girl Like Me

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(The legal stuff required by the FCC: I was given this CD to review by FrontGate Media. While I was given the CD for free, all thoughts and opinions are my own.) 
I will be honest — I had never heard of Julie Elias until I was asked to review her CD, A Girl Like Me. She used to be an actress in shows such as CSI:NY and Grey’s Anatomy, but I am just not an avid TV watcher. Her story, however, says she wasn’t feeling content acting.
Surrendering herself to God’s plan for her, she has become a role model for young girls everywhere.
Like so many of us, Julie faced rejection and struggled with her faith, believing God was nowhere near her. It wasn’t until she let God take control of her life, that she learned he had been there all along. And, he still is.
Not only is her voice calming, but it can carry you away. It’s easy for the lyrics to take me back to my youth — finding my way with good times and bad times and all the teenage drama girls have to deal with. You know, back to the time when you question whether you are good enough, pretty enough, loved enough, etc. Or even whether you are worthy enough. With lyrics like, But You still hold me when I fall apart, You see my heart. Every weakness and shame and yet You still love me, You still believe a girl like me could be worthy of a King,” she lets girls know that they are worthy of God’s love. And, that’s ultimately all that matters, right?
In today’s world, things are even more tough for girls than they used to be — thanks to the internet and social media. Girls are vulnerable to so much hurt and pain. Julie Elias uses her platform to let girls know that perfection is not a real thing, that God is there — and he has a plan, and that mistakes will be made, but God is all forgiving. In her song, Forgiven, Julie talks about the power of forgiveness — not just from God, but between friends. Beyond lies, deceit, betrayal, and pain between friends, forgiveness is there and can make a drastic difference. Just a simple word.
Perhaps my favorite song on the CD is Lost.  Its a deep song that always gives me the visual of being stuck inside a topsy-turvy funhouse and trying to find my way out. You know, the ones with the spinning walkways and mirrored mazes. This is a song many girls — and women — will be able to relate to. We may constantly feel like we are in battle after battle, with no end in sight, but God has a plan for us that we just don’t see. So, sometimes we may feel like we are wandering all over the place. Mistake after mistake, darkness and minimal light, but He knows where we are going. Even when we feel alone, we aren’t. We need his grace and favor. Surrender and all will be ok. You will find your way out of the crazy funhouse.
Check out Julie Elias and all her music on her website. And, be sure to register to win a free CD

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