On purpose.

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“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.
Rather, in humility, value others above yourselves..”
– Philippians 2:3 (NIV)

Now is the time! No more wasting energy, moments, and resources. Forget living the lackadaisical life that you want to live — and start living for the purpose you were created. 
Today I need you to get it together. 
Stop and think about this for a moment: Do you think that you were born into this world to indulge in everything that is good to you without regard for others? Does your world revolve around you? Do you think that you will ever get a second chance to do things differently?

It is time to make a change — because it is not all about you. The world is so huge and there are so many people who need you. People you haven’t even met yet. But, if you stay so focused on yourself, you may miss them. A lost opportunity.
Doing things that we want to do or things that make us happy is not always what we should be doing. We are all guilty of this. You know, spending time going to out to eat and then tossing the leftovers because they won’t be as good tomorrow. Pushing away time with God for a good movie, drinks with friends, or a mindless hour of staring at the social media accounts on your cell phone. Or even taking ourselves shopping, for a mani pedi, or on an over-the-top vacation.
Time is a gift that we are all guilty of wasting. And, we may not even realize how. For example, you may think binge watching the latest Netflix series is harmless. But, what awesome task could you accomplish if you didn’t?
In all honesty, it is impossible to be perfect all the time, but it is possible to start shifting your focus from yourself and your wants and desires to others who are patiently waiting to be a blessing to you. But, to receive it, you have to look up.  

Are you ready to start living on purpose? 

Give life everything you’ve got. 
Listen more. 
Talk less. 
Be kind. 
Get dirty.
Follow your heart.
Be like Jesus. 

Our world is crumbling around us and we are all too busy living our own lives to notice — or do anything about it. We are killing the planet and killing each other. We are surrounded by hate, by fear, and by cowards. Without switching our focus and living on purpose — for our purpose — nothing will change. The world around us will continue to implode. And, one day, we may end up going with it. 

Be the difference. Be the light. Be the comfort. Be the strength. Be the one that is fearless in the eyes of those looking for help. Then, share your secret. God created you for a reason. Keep your eyes on him — and you will see the difference in your life and the lives of those around you. 

Start today.

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