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I didn’t plan to write this blog today. It just sort of happened. I know what you are thinking. It is probably something somewhere along the lines of, Michelle, blogs don’t just appear – you have to write them. And, you are right. But, here’s the thing – 

Do you ever have some common thread of circumstance appear in your life? 
Let me explain. 
Some people may go through a period of time when they always seem to find pennies. Others, may seem to get a lot of random phone calls for assistance in buying a house. And, still others – like my dad – always seem to find the one single bone that was missed in a boneless fish dinner. 
It doesn’t happen all the time. And, it doesn’t necessarily happen for extended periods of time. But when it does, is it coincidence? If you have been reading my blogs for very long you will know that I don’t believe in coincidence at all. 

Excuse me for a moment while we hit a FLASHBACK
Years ago, prior to the terrorist events on September 11th, I would almost always see the time 9:11 on any nearby clock. It didn’t matter whether it was morning or night. And, it became such a common occurrence that those around me knew, too, because I’d point it out every single time.
On September 10th, I remember sitting at work with my co-worker and long time family friend. She had listened to me tell her the time at 9:11 AM for months. So, as it hit me that the next day was 9/11, I pointed out to her that something was going to happen that day. Whether good or bad, I didn’t know. 
Do you know on that day we both sat there in the office long after the towers fell and as I started to say, “oh my gosh do you remember what I said yesterday… ” She looked up and softly said, “I know.” 
I rarely caught the time 9:11 after that. 
Now, I am so not saying I have some sort of magic powers. But, what I am saying is that I don’t think there is any coincidence about that. I have written several blogs attesting to the same type of situation.
Ok, you’ve got me totally sidetracked here. Back to the blog at hand… 
It is all happening again. 
Everything around me keeps breaking. Either it won’t work, it cracks, or I can’t connect. But, no matter how you look at it, I am shut off from using multiple things at this point. 
For instance, my oven won’t work. And, before it could get repaired, I somehow (though I honestly don’t know how) majorly cracked the glass top of the stove. So, we purchased a new one. Got it in the kitchen and ready to install and hey – did you know that plugs vary on ranges? Three prong and four prong? Who knew!? Needless to say, we still don’t have it connected. 
Then, all of a sudden, my dishwasher starts begging for attention — less than a week after the range. It apparently believes that when it is locked, it should be off. And, when it is opened and unlocked, it is time to shower water everywhere. It’s a dishwasher, not a kitchen washer.
Let’s just say the refrigerator started making a loud noise two nights ago and I just ran out of the kitchen as if I never heard it.
I just can’t take anymore. 
Then, yesterday I have a client that sent me a payment through the app Venmo. I have an account, but never really set it up until now. And… it will not connect to my bank. It actually tells me that my bank is having “connectivity” issues, but really, I think it meant to say that MICHELLE is having connectivity issues. 
After 30 minutes on the phone with the representative at my bank, I am assured that there are no connectivity issues – and no explanation as to why it will not work. 
While I was on hold with the bank, however, I decided to check out an app that I came across called MyPraize. From what I understand, it is a social media app like Facebook, but with a Christian vibe. Of course, I can’t tell you truly what it is because before I could finish signing up, this delightful – and very brightly red – message that states, “There was an issue connecting to the server” appeared on my screen.

I closed my phone, then my eyes, and exhaled. Why in the world is everything going wrong? Why are things not connecting? Why are they so broken?
I have sat here asking myself this question more and more over the past week or two. And, while I don’t have an exact answer, this is all I can figure out… 
Sometimes when things like this happen at every turn, it may be that you aren’t focused and are at jeopardy of messing up the bigger picture. These events may be like neon signs telling you which way to go and, more importantly, which way not to go. 

“We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps” 
– Proverbs 16:9 (NLT)
No matter what we think we are going to do or what we want to do or plan to do, there is something much bigger than us at stake. And, well, there is a God who is painting the masterpiece. Don’t dismiss things as bad luck or coincidence. Instead, take a look around and see if God may be trying to tell you something. 
With this change of perspective, you just may be surprised about what you find.

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