Hearing God

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Years ago, I was sharing something that I felt God was telling me to a friend of mine. It was something I felt. Upon sharing this, I heard laughing. It happened so quickly that I felt my face turn red.

Why was she laughing?

Not knowing what to say, I sat quietly. Her next words went something like this, “Oh, Michelle, that was not God. You just think it was. God only speaks to us through scripture.”


I was just at the beginning of my walk with God when this happened and, I have to admit, it hurt me. Her response made me question what I was hearing. It made me question my relationship with God. And, it made me question how God speaks to us in general.

When you are new to your faith, a response such as this can really set you back. It sure did for me. And, although I didn’t talk about it much, it quietly impacted my entire belief system!

Thankfully – this only got me seeking God more. It only pushed me into strengthening my faith. And, while I do think about that conversation often, I no longer let it allow me to question when or how I hear God. I have confidence in our relationship.

Here’s the thought I want to leave you with:

How many times have we missed what God was trying to say because we weren’t expecting him to show up as he did?

Perhaps God speaks to us specifically in the manner in which he knows we will hear him. Make sense? For me, it is often with a feeling. For my friend, it is only in scripture.

Will you answer this in the comments below?

How does God most often communicate with you?

Until next time… ❤❤

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