Tag: love and chaos

Watch Those Lips of Yours

If I had to share one phrase that I have heard many times over the years, it is, “Your words have power.” Tina has repeated this countless times to all the boys, reminding them that what they say can either be goodness, kindness, and truth. Or damaging as lies and harsh words. And, she’s right.

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Moral Accountability

Remember in school when the teacher would step out of the classroom for a moment? The whole class would get loud and go nuts. So much could take place with 30 seconds of no supervision. Rules were thrown out the window. The moment the teacher returned, however, everyone was seated quietly – as if no

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Tear Down, Build Again

When we first moved into the home we live in, we were amazed at its quiet surroundings. We could sit outside and hear birds chirping, the wind blowing through the oak trees, and otherwise silence. Occasionally you could hear kids playing outside or the blaring 90’s grunge music of the man three doors down as

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